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Students by the sea

Internationalisation and diversity have always been core values for Malmö University. In accordance, to maintain a high standard of teaching and research we make use of international interaction.

The university co-operates with academic partner institutes around the world; it strives to ensure favourable conditions for teachers and researchers to obtain and foster international co-operation with universities worldwide.  In addition, students are offered the opportunity to study abroad.

The goals for our international work are laid out in the International Plan of Actions.

Bilateral agreements have been signed with approximately 290 different universities, mainly in the fields of student and teacher mobility, and Inter-University co-operation programmes. Malmö University also takes part in various Erasmus+ projects and is planning further collaboration with east and central European partners. Through the Nordplus-programme, the university collaborates with many Nordic universities, mainly concerning student and teacher mobility.

In addition to the EU programmes, Malmö University has, and is still developing, further collaborative activities with universities in North America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Malmö University welcomes students from many of the 290 universities it has exchange agreements with. By participating in programmes such as Erasmus+ it can offer scholarships to students to study at Malmö, as well as sending its own staff and students overseas.

Participation in thematic networks, such as the International Network of Universities and SGroup, has encouraged staff exchange and new opportunities for research collaboration.

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