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Four Quick Questions with Samantha Seljak

Samantha Seljak

Q1. So then, what are you up to now?

I'm living in Malmö and working as a Project Manager at Apsis, a leading Scandinavian digital marketing firm, while also running my business, Seljak Brand. I wear a few different hats but I like to keep busy! Seljak Brand is a company I founded back in Australia with my sister, Karina. We use waste as a resource and our first product is a recycled merino wool blanket that is made out of factory floor offcuts. 

Q2. How did your studies at Malmö University help you?

Studying a Masters in Leadership for Sustainability has enabled me to continue to focus on Seljak Brand – very much a sustainability-focused business – while nurturing skills for the long term success of the company. It also helped me establish a network in Malmö, so when I was looking for work after my studies, I had a wonderful bunch of people around me as part of my professional community. 

Q3. Why would you recommend Malmö University?

Malmö University takes a contemporary approach to learning and as such, the courses are future-focused and the university is agile and able to respond to today's ever-changing world. Also, the program I was part of was an international cohort so alongside a range of perspectives and cultural understandings, now I have friends all over the world! 

Q4. Staying in touch with any of your old classmates?

Absolutely! I caught up with a couple of them for fika today and have stayed in touch with others, from Brazil to Mongolia. My old classmates are both friends and also part of my professional network. I imagine we'll be in touch in some way or another for years to come. 

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