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Four Quick Questions with Lindy Wafula

Lindy Wafula

Q1. So then, what are you up to now?

I am currently running Village Ventures International — a social enterprise which I founded with the aim of empowering women with leadership skills and vocational training for enterprise development and alleviation of poverty. 

I also do consultancy work non-profit organisations, dealing with cultural and diplomatic relations between Africa and the Global North. My focus is especially on issues to do with poverty alleviation, democracy, human rights and gender equality.

I am active in politics and, since my studies at Malmö University, I have run for office to become a member of parliament in Kenya. I continue to encourage women in Kenya to run for elective office and promote democracy and development.

Q2. How did your studies at Malmö University help you?

My studies at Malmö University have instilled in me the courage to be a defender of democracy and human rights, especially of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

I have also been able to design projects that promote cultural exchange and international relations where volunteers from Sweden and other countries in the Global North are matched with community-based organisations in Africa to work for global development. 

Malmö University inculcated leadership and communication skills in me. It also broadened my knowledge on human rights and diplomacy issues. In 2017, I was honoured to be acknowledged among 25 leading women in Africa by Amazons Watch Magazine and Centre for Leadership and Democracy (CELD). I have also participated in various conferences as a speaker, most recently at the Women of Influence Conference in Paris, and have been featured by international media stations such as France TV24. All of this would not have been possible without the experiences I gained at Malmö University. 

Q3. Why would you recommend Malmö University?

The University is an icon of international cultural exchange and relations. The friendly environment between the administration, lecturers and students from different parts of the world, creates a space where social innovation, international relations, human rights and global politics are nurtured as virtues that foster global development. 

The fact that everyone is included without any bias towards race, religion, gender or class, creates an environment that offers students a space to express themselves freely without fear of being victimised. I would therefore urge students to consider Malmö University for their career and leadership development. 

 Q4. Have you stayed in touch with any of your old classmates?

The friends I met through Malmö University, including my best friend Ishmael Swanzy from Ghana with whom I was in the same programme, have continued to be a source of support and encouragement, especially in my elective office endeavours. 

Others have assisted me in collecting items such as computers, laptops and phones to donate to women leaders in Africa, ensuring they have means to communicate with the world about the situation in their countries and villages. We also organise cultural events where we promote African innovations and handcrafts in Malmö and Sweden at large. We have continued to be ambassadors of Malmö University, encouraging other students in Africa to consider applying for scholarships at the University and gain like we have.

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