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Apply for your degree

Once you have completed your studies, you need to apply in order to have your degree certificate issued.

The most convenient way to apply is on the Degree application web page. Please note! Even if your credited change studies are not shown in Ladok you can still apply. 

If you cannot apply using the web application, you can make a written application, using the application form below.

Degree Application Form

Degree Application Form PhD studies

Print out the form, fill it out and send it to the address stated on the form. You can also hand it in at the Reception at the Student Centre.

Important information

Please note that the title of your degree project will appear in your degree certificate and it is therefore important that you double check that the information is correct. You can do this by verifying that information in Ladok Student. If the title needs to be corrected, please contact the course administrator and they will help you.

Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement is issued in English, given automatically and free of charge to every student upon completion of studies. The Diploma Supplement desribes the Swedish qualification, its position in the system of qualifications, and the Swedish education system. The intention is to make it easier for Swedish graduates to study or work in other countries.

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