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Secondary occupation

Public sector employees are not permitted to have secondary occupations that could have a negative impact on their regular work or on the work of the authority. Among other reasons, this is in order to ensure objectivity and impartiality in the conducting of public operations, so that trust and confidence in the employees of Malmö University can be upheld.

A secondary occupation is, in principle, any occupation you have alongside your employment. The general rule is that, as an employee, you are responsible for your own free time and for ensuring that secondary occupations are permitted.

Secondary occupations that are normally permitted:

  • Trade union representative duties
  • Political or other representative duties
  • Representative duties within non-profit associations, such as sports or housing associations
  • Duties connected to scientific associations
  • Temporary cooperation with the press, radio or TV
  • Work of a simpler nature, such as proofreading

Restrictions to a state employee’s right to engage in secondary occupations are, however, regulated by a number of laws and collective agreements.

These limitations apply to three kinds of secondary occupation:

  • Occupations that compromise reputation
  • Occupations that interfere with work
  • Occupations involving conflicting interests

Employees of Malmö University are subject to different laws and regulations depending on their position within the organisation; for example, the regulations governing the conduct of teachers and researchers are considerably more extensive than those that apply to administrative and technical staff. The role of self-reporting by you and other employees is important in order to safeguard public confidence in Malmö University.

Procedure for reporting secondary occupations

By no later than December 31, all employees of Malmö University must have reported any secondary occupations for the coming calendar year. This is done in the self-reporting section in Primula

“Secondary employment” can be found as an option in the “My page” tab, Once “Secondary employment” has been selected, more information about how to complete the report will be shown. Even if an employee does not intend to have any secondary occupations, a report must still be submitted to this effect.

If any changes to your situation arise during the year, you are required to submit a new report.

By no later than February 28 of the coming year, your manager shall have made a decision about whether or not any secondary occupation is subject to the prevailing restrictions.