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How to submit your salary payment account

The salaries from the University are paid via the bank Danske Bank. New employees must submit their account details in order for their salary to be paid into their personal accounts. This also applies to clients of Danske Bank. If you switch bank accounts, you will have to submit your new account number.

Submitting account details to Danske Bank will not make you a client of the bank. If you do not submit your account details, you will be paid your salary by a physical pay cheque.

Submit your salary payment account using an electronic identification

Here is the link where you can login to Danske Bank (in Swedish only)

Click ‘Logga in’ under the headline ‘Logga in till Lönetjänst’ in the blue area in the middle of the page, and you will be transferred to a login page.

Choose which type of electronic identification you would like to use, enter your Swedish personal number (12 digits written as YYYYMMDDXXXX) and click ’Fortsätt’. You will connect to 'Visma Enterprise AB'.

How to submit account details

Once you are logged in, choose 'Min profil'. Under the headline ’Kontouppgifter’, click ’Lägg till kontouppgift’. Enter your clearing number and account number and click ’Spara’.

When an account number is saved, you will see your account number in 'Min profil' under the headline ’Kontouppgifter’. If you wish to change this, click ’Visa’.

If you do not have an electronic identification

Contact your payroll administrator for more information.