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Payment of salary

Your salary for a certain month will normally be paid on the 25th day of that same month. If the 25th falls on a Saturday, the salary will be paid on the Friday. If the 25th is a Sunday, the salary will be paid on the Monday. In December, salaries are always paid before Christmas, and other national holidays may similarly affect the date of payment.

Reimbursement for travel expenses or grants for health-promoting activities are paid out together with the salary. If during the first half of the month you have been off sick, taken leave, or if your salary has been affected by anything else, then this will be incorporated into that month’s payment. If, however, these are reported during the second half of the month, they will usually affect the salary paid at the end of the following month.

Salary specifications

You can find your current as well as previous salary specifications in Primula, from where you are also able to print them. Primula also contains income statements, which you will need for your annual tax return.

Your salary payment account

Salaries are paid out via Danske Bank. In order for your salary to be paid into your account, you must submit your account details to Danske Bank. If you have a Swedish bank account, you can do it yourself using an electronic identification. If you do not have an electronic identification, you will need to contact your payroll administrator. 

More information on how to submit your salary payment account details

Submit your tax certificate

To ensure that the correct amount of preliminary tax is deducted from your salary, you must submit your tax certificate (A-skattsedel), which can be obtained from the National Tax Agency (Skatteverket). You will need to do this at the beginning of your employment. If you move to a different municipality, you can also submit a new tax certificate after November 1 of the same year the move took place. You can order a copy from the National Tax Agency, which you scan and send to the SSC through their service portal.

Contact information for the National Tax Agency (Skatteverket)

Do you have any questions about the payment of your salary?

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