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Glasses for work

If you work at a computer monitor for at least one hour per day, you are entitled to an eye test and, if necessary, glasses that will be paid for by the university.

‘Glasses for work’ are glasses that are specially adapted for working with computer screens at short distances. They cannot replace regular glasses if you need these, but you can have a need for special glasses for work even if you ordinarily wear glasses.

What to do if you have problems related to the visual requirements of your work

Inform your manager and discuss whether there is a need for an ergonomist from the company healthcare provider to visit your workplace, if such a visit has not already been made to your workplace. It is sometimes possible to solve the problem by making changes to your workplace’s equipment and lighting.

Book an appointment for an eye test with Synoptik, which is the optician we have an agreement with. You must take a requisition slip with you which has been signed by your manager. You should also take information concerning your visual distance from the computer screen, or any other relevant information provided by the ergonomist.

If the results of the eye test show that you need glasses for work, the university will pay for the type of lens you require, in accordance with your optical needs and your work duties. The optician will provide confirmation of your optical needs.

You are free to choose from a range of frames that are included without charge as part of the agreement with Synoptik. If you would prefer more expensive frames, you have the opportunity to pay the extra cost yourself. You would then pay the additional cost directly to the optician.

Do you already have glasses for work?

If you already use glasses for work and no changes have been made to your work duties or workplace, then there is probably no need for a visit by an ergonomist. You can contact Synoptik to make an appointment for an eye test and for the possible prescribing of new glasses. You must take a signed requisition slip with you to the appointment.