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Employee terms and benefits

Core values for all state employees

The entire state sector shares a common set of core values which are based upon legislation and ordinances. The common core values for state employees build upon six key principles: democracy, legality, objectivity, freedom of opinion, respect, efficiency and service. 

If you would like to learn more about your role as a state employee, you will find a training course here

The principles of freedom of information and communication

The principle of the freedom of information applies throughout the state administration. This means that the general public and the media have the right to access public documents, with the exception of classified information.

As an employee, you have the freedom of communication. This means that you are free to talk to journalists about the operations of the University, about your work or your working environment, with a view to publication. The authority may not seek to find out who has disclosed the information and this may not affect you in a negative way. If you choose to exercise your freedom of communication, you do so in your capacity as a private individual.

Secondary occupations

State employees are not permitted to have secondary occupations that could have a negative impact on their regular work or on the work of the authority. Among other reasons, this is in order to ensure objectivity and impartiality in the conducting of public operations, so that trust and confidence in Malmö University can be upheld. Each year, you are required to register your secondary occupations, or report that you do not have any. Find out more about secondary occupations

Paid leave

In addition to annual leave and other types of leave, you are permitted to book appointments with doctors or emergency dentists during paid working hours. There is also the opportunity to take paid leave in conjunction with, for example, moving home, attending funerals or taking exams. Find out more about the leave to which you are entitled

Reimbursement for pharmaceuticals and medical care

If you incur expenses for pharmaceuticals and healthcare that are covered by the high-cost protection scheme, you may be able to receive reimbursement from your employer. Find out more about reimbursement for pharmaceuticals and medical care


As a state employee, you are entitled to an occupational pension that consists of several components, in accordance with the pensions agreement PA 16. This is a complement to the public pension to which everyone is entitled. You have the right to decide how a part of your occupational pension is managed. Find out more about your pension


As a state employee, you are covered by work injury insurance and occupational group life assurance. If your work includes travel, you are also covered by occupational travel insurance.

Collective agreement

The general conditions of employment for employees at Malmö University are governed by the central Agreement on General Salary and Benefits. In addition, the parties at Malmö University have a cooperation agreement which deals with co-determination and interaction between the employer and the trade unions at the University.

New to the job?

Here is a compilation of most of what you will need to know during your first days at Malmö University