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Other types of leave

You have the opportunity to spend time away from work for studies or union representation, to care for close relatives, and – for immigrants – to attend Swedish language classes. You also have the right to take leave in the event of, for example, military service. You will not receive any salary for these types of leave although, in some cases, remuneration may be paid by other organisations, such as Försäkringskassan.

Employees of Malmö University may attend appointments with doctors or emergency dentists during part of a working day and still receive their regular salary. You are also able to take leave and receive pay in the event of, for example, the death or funeral of a close relative, when you move home or when you take exams.

You may also be granted leave for other reasons, although this would be without pay. You apply for these types of leave in Primula.

Compensation for Sweden’s National Day (applies to technical/administrative staff)

Sometimes, Sweden’s National Day (6 June, which is a public holiday) falls on a Saturday or Sunday. In such years, technical and administrative staff at Malmö University are entitled to compensation for this lost day of leave by taking a day off of their choice during May or June. This day cannot be saved for future use, nor can payment be received in lieu.

The additional day of leave must, however, be approved by the manager concerned. This day of leave must be marked as a leave day in the flex-time report.

Apply for leave of absence in the self-reporting

For more information about the conditions for leave, contact the HR Department.