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Annual leave

Employees have a statutory right to annual leave and holiday benefits, but entitlement is largely regulated by means of collective agreements. The term holiday benefits relates to concepts such as paid holidays and compensation in lieu of holidays.

Management of leave for teachers, researchers and doctoral students

Management of leave for other employees

Rules for annual leave

Management of leave for teachers, researchers and doctoral students

‘Teacher’ here refers to those occupational categories that are included in Malmö University’s employment regulations and that are covered by the working hours agreement for teachers.

The annual leave for the year is allocated by the SSC, from the Monday following Midsummer, onwards. Adjustments to this are possible but these must be agreed with the appropriate manager. The leave must not be registered in Primula. The registration and payment of holiday supplement will be done in September.

If the staffing plan allows for it and you have reached an agreement with your manager, days could be saved until a different year. All employees must use at least 20 leave days each year, but the remaining days could be saved until a different year. 

Starting 2018 it is not possible to have more than a total of 30 leave days saved. If you had more than 30 leave days saved as of January 1, 2018, the exceeding days need to be used over a five-year period until December 31, 2022. 

To save leave days, this must be reported by no later than 15 April using the “Spara semesterdagar” (Save annual leave) form. This form shall be sent to teh HR Department and your manager. The form can be found here (in Swedish)

Management of leave for other employees

For other employees (so-called technical/administrative staff), each individual is responsible for registering their own leave days in Primula. It is the employer that decides how leave shall be allocated, but consideration will be taken to the wishes of the employee.

Rules for annual leave

The number of days of annual leave to which you are entitled varies according to age:

  • 28 days, up to (and including) the year you turn 29.
  • 31 days, from (and including) the year you turn 30.
  • 35 days, from (and including) the year you turn 40.

The year for which annual leave days are awarded is the same as the calendar year – i.e., 1 January to 31 December. If you are employed for only part of a year (for example, substitute employment covering another’s parental leave, or for the duration of a particular project), you are entitled to annual leave days for that part of the year that you are employed.

Saving annual leave days

The objective is that each employee shall take 20 days of annual leave as holiday per year. You have the right to save any days that you do not use, although no more than a total of 30 days. If you have leave days left over when you reach the end of your period of employment, you will receive payment for these in lieu. 

Leave days have a value (in terms of time or money) that corresponds to the extent of the employment applicable at the time that the leave is taken.

Unpaid leave for shorter employment periods

If you accrue fewer than 25 days of annual leave during the year, you have the right to supplement your leave entitlement with unpaid leave of up to a total of 25 days. If your employment period begins after 1 September, you may supplement your leave entitlement with a maximum of 7 days of unpaid leave.

Annual leave for parental or sick leave

If you are on parental leave, you accrue days of annual leave based upon how many days you take out from your parental benefit allowance at Försäkringskassan. If you have been on full-time parental leave during the entire year and have generated at least 20 days of annual leave, at least 20 days must be taken out during the same year. Parental leave and annual leave cannot be taken simultaneously with self-reporting, so you must therefore interrupt your parental leave and take the days as annual leave instead.

If you are on full-time sick leave for an entire year, you do not need to take any days from your annual leave entitlement. If, however, you are on sick leave on either a part-time basis or during part of a year, at least 20 days of annual leave must be taken.