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Working hours and leaves

Agreements on working hours have been reached by the employer and trade unions at Malmö University. The purpose of the agreements is to adjust working hours in the best possible way in accordance with the needs of the business. This means that the working hours for different employees may differ based upon their respective work duties – teachers, for example, are governed by a local working hours agreement, whilst technical/administrative staff have a flexi-time agreement.

Working hours for teachers

The total annual working hours for teachers are:

1700 hours for employees with 35 days of annual leave,

1732 hours for employees with 31 days of annual leave,

1756 hours for employees with 28 days of annual leave.

The aims of the local agreement are to create the conditions to ensure that available resources are fulfilled in the best possible way for the organisation, and to ensure that there is a good balance between the different work duties of a teacher and between the different categories of teachers.

Work shall be organised in such a way that it entails responsibility while, at the same time, providing the opportunity for variation and stimulation. This means that, aside from teaching duties, the distribution of working hours shall provide room for other aspects, such as research and skills development.

Working hours for technical/administrative staff

Malmö University’s technical/administrative staff who are covered by the Agreement on General Salary and Benefits have flexible working hours (excluding employees working with property maintenance, as well as teachers, doctoral students, teaching assistants, and assistants receiving educational grants).

By means of flexible working hours, the employee is given the opportunity to – within specified timeframes – determine their own working hours with due consideration to the needs of the organisation. Flexible working hours must be adapted to meet working needs, and the employer can instruct the employee to work during flexi-time hours.

The flexi-time hours at the beginning of the working day are between 7 am and 9 am, and the day can end between 3 pm and 7.30 pm. The flexi-time period for lunch is between 11 am and 1.30 pm. A break of at least 30 minutes must be taken for lunch.

The flexi-time agreement can be found here (in Swedish)

Reporting of flexi-time

Flexi-time form for 2019

Submit your flexi-report each month in the folder for your department. Name the file in accordance with the following standard: surname, forename, year (for example, Nilsson Nils 2017). Only managers can see the flexi-reports that are submitted in the folder. Your manager invites their employees to the folder.