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Living in Malmö

What you need to know while at Malmö University

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. It is beautifully situated on the west coast with close proximity to Europe and it has a population of 325 000. 


Malmö is a fantastic place to live. There is a high demand for apartments, furnished rooms and houses, especially at the beginning of each semester. Therefore, we recommend that you search for a place to stay as soon as possible.

More information about housing in Malmö

Contact our housing team for assistance.

New in Sweden?

Informationsverige.se is a web portal for anyone who is new to Sweden and wants to find information about Swedish society and living in Sweden quickly and easily. 

Public transportation

Travelling by bus in Malmö makes commuting a simple task. The bus/train grid is highly developed and buses and commuter trains are operated at all morning- daytime- and evening hours. Just remember – you can't pay with cash but need to charge a public transportation card (JoJo-card).
For more information on public transportation, see Skånetrafiken (translate) 


At the website 1177 you can search for the hospitals and clinics in your area, and find other information related to healthcare. If you are ill and need to talk to a nurse for advice or need information on where to go for help, you can also call 1177. If you need to seek healthcare and don’t speak Swedish, you can get an interpreter free of charge if you let them know when you make the appointment.


SR International is the international and multicultural service of state-owned national radio broadcast news - SverigesRadio. See www.thelocal.se for news about Sweden in English and www.malmotown.com/en for news about Malmö.


Malmö is a very diverse city with people of many faiths and places of worship. Within the city there is a mosque, a synagogue, and Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches, just to name a few. The Malmö University Chaplains are available to help both students and staff of any religion or belief, and to help you get in touch with any religious group.


The Euraxess Sweden website contains a lot of relevant information for researchers visiting Sweden, such as entry into Sweden, work, taxation, social security, bringing your family, language and leisure. There is also a printable handbook and a useful FAQ section.