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New employees

In your first days as an employee of Malmö University, there is a lot to think about. Your immediate manager and colleagues will, of course, introduce you to your workplace and duties. Your new colleagues will undoubtedly help you get to grips with most of the everyday issues, such as the location of office supplies and where to eat your lunch.

Here on the employee website, you will find information about most aspects of your employment at Malmö University. We provide you with the information that we believe will be of use to you during your first days with us.

Your computer and telephone

The IT department has assembled all the information that new employees might need about IT and telephony. You will find it here

Your multicard

The multicard is the key card you use to enter our premises, to use printers and photocopiers, and to borrow books from the library. You will need to have your photograph taken for the card – you can do this either at Orkanen or at Health and Society – and you will then be able to collect your card on the following day. More information about the multicard

Your salary

You will receive your first salary payment on the 25th of the month in which your employment begins, or of the following month if you begin after the 25th.

To ensure that the correct amount of tax is deducted, you will need to submit your tax certificate (A-skattsedel) which you can obtain from the National Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The tax certificate should be submitted to the SSC through their service portal. See here for more information

Salaries are paid out via Danske Bank. For your salary to be paid into your account, you must submit your account details to Danske Bank. This process may take a number of weeks, which means that you may receive your first salary by means of a payment card which you will be able to take to your bank. See here for more information on how to submit your account details

Your personal information in Primula – our staff register and research hub

Primula is our staff system, where you can, for example, apply for annual leave, register absence from work due to sickness, and see information relating to your employment. New employees are responsible for logging in and adding personal details such as, for example, home address, contact details for next of kin, and information about any children.

You must enter your personal details into the staff register to ensure that you show up in searches made via the exchange and on the website. You can do this via an administration page by logging in with your computer ID.

If you are a researcher, you will also need to update your details in the research hub (Forskarnavet), including details of your projects and publications. For more information, see here.

Other important systems

Proceedo is our finance system, where you can, for example, make purchases and pay invoices.

Dedu is our system for making orders and for reporting faults/damage in our buildings.

Canvas is the University’s web-based learning platform, where teachers and students can communicate and exchange documents with each other.

Kronox is our system for the booking of premises, such as teaching premises and certain of our meeting rooms.

Ladok is our system for documenting studies, including information such as results and registrations.

Your manager will inform you of which systems you need to be able to access and will apply for authorisation on your behalf.

Your working hours and annual leave

Depending on the nature of your work, different agreements apply for working hours and annual leave. Find out more about your working hours and annual leave.

Your manager will inform you of what applies for your workplace.

Find your way around our premises

In the beginning, it can be quite confusing to find your way around all the University’s different buildings. Information about our premises and links to maps

How the organisation works

To begin with, it can be difficult to fully understand how the organisation of the University is structured, what the various boards and committees are responsible for, and who decides about what. More information about how the University is run

Being a state employee

Malmö University is a public authority, which means that those of us who work here are subject to certain special rights and obligations. Read more about what it means to be a state employee