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Yoga, areobics, circuit training and floorball

You can now get your pulse racing, your biceps bulging or your chakra tuned thanks to free weekly training sessions held at Orkanen.

The exercise sessions will be held at the sports hall and are open to all employees. All levels of fitness and experience will be catered for, no matter if you jog to work from Lund every morning or get out of breath climbing one flight of Niagara stairs.

The workouts will be led by employees from Sports Science, and you do not have to sign up in advance. There are changing rooms and showers at the sports hall.

Circuit training on Tuesdays, 12.15–13.00

This is a workout with bodyweight exercises or simple equipment. It aims to increase your pulse, burn some calories and work on each section of the body. Starts on January 15.

Aerobics on Wednesdays, 12.15–13.00

This is a classic aerobics session for everyone, done in a group and without too much focus on coordination. Starts on February 6.

Yoga on Thursdays, 12.15–13.00

A mix of strengthening and relaxing exercises, inspired by several yoga forms with the intention of getting your day off to a mindful start. There are some yoga mats available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Starts on January 17.

Floorball on Fridays, 12.00–13.00

Staff teams at the University have been playing this easy to learn sport for some time, but new players are always welcome. No need to form a team, simply come along and join the group each week. Contact Jesper Fundberg to learn more or sign up.