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If you become ill

Absence due to illness must be reported to the closest managing supervisor. If you need to remain on sick leave for less than 15 days, absence must be reported in Primula upon your return.

If you are absent from work for 15 days or longer, this is classed as long-term sick leave and the matter will be handled by your payroll administrator. From the eighth day, you must submit a doctor’s certificate.

Salary during illness

The first day of a sick leave is always counted as a qualifying day, which means that compensation will not be issued. It is not possible to exchange this qualifying day for a different kind of leave, for example a day of annual leave. From day two until day 14, your employer will provide reimbursement for absence due to illness, which corresponds to 80 per cent of your regular salary. You can only receive sick pay for those days during which you would have worked had you not been absent due to illness.

If you have returned to work after being ill, but become sick again within five days, this will be counted as the same period of illness, meaning that only the initial qualifying day will be counted.

From (and including) day 15 – i.e., in cases of long-term sick leave – you will receive sickness benefit from the Swedish social insurance agency, Försäkringskassan. Find out more here.

From (and including) day 15, the university will pay a sickness benefit supplement of 10 per cent of your salary.

Partial sick day as qualifying day

If you become ill at work and go home early, this day could be counted as part of the qualifying day, depending on how long you were able to work. In Primula, you report whether you were sick for 25%, 50% or 75% of the day. This day will then be counted as a qualifying day, meaning that you will receive sick pay from the following day. You will need to register this day separately when you report absence in Primula. If day one is a whole day of sickness, you do not need to split up the registration.

Matters of sick leave do not need to be certified with self-reporting; instead they shall be sent directly to your payroll administrator. Your manager will, however, be made aware of the matter.