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Questions about self-reporting in Primula and your salary payment

The National Government Service Centre (SSC), email through SSC's service portal or phone 0771-456 000, Monday to Friday 9.00–16.00.

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HR manager

Charlotta Ankarlilja

HR specialists

Give consultative and operative support to managers in matters regarding competence maintenance, recruitment, work environment, rehabilitation, gender equality and equal rights among other things.

Anna Lindberg – LS
Anna Tenggren – LS
Anne Olsson – KS (except GPS), University Executive Office
Gertrud Svensson – OD
Jan Lind – GV (Finance, communication, Facility management, IT, Social Innovation, Vice-Chancellor)
Johanna Bengtsson – HS
Lili Söderlund – GV (Student centre, faculty administrative offices, university director, cooperation with trade unions)
Niklas Tholin – OD
Sara Säthersten – TS
Rebecka Forslund – GPS (KS), Library

HR administrators

Give administrative support to managers and employees in matters regarding recruitment, hiring and extensions of employment.

Charlotta Holmgren – LS, part of GV
Karin Blyrup – KS, part of GV
Peter Supstiks – OD, cooperation with trade unions
Pia Cederlund – HS, part of GV
Vanessa Wendelblom – TS, part of GV, Library

Payroll administrators

Give administrative support in matters regarding salaries and salary payments to managers and employees.

Christina Ellerström – KS, part of GV
Elisabet Kulle – K3
Lena Mårtensson – OD, Library, IT
Lilly Kjellander – TS, HS, part of GV
Maria Rosén – LS

System support

Supports and manages the systems belonging to the HR department: Primula, Retendo and ReachMee.

Elisabet Kulle
Jeanette Wahlberg
Maria Rosén 

Administrative assistant

Vivi Budtz