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Threats and violence

Malmö University must be perceived as having a positive and safe environment, in which threats and situations of violence do not occur. Threats and violence must always be taken seriously, and we work proactively to reduce the risk of incidents, including by identifying risk environments.

You can find the comprehensive guidelines here

Checklist in the event of incidents of threats or violence

All incidents where threats or violence have occurred must be reported to one immediate managers and to the police where relevant. The University follows up and investigates the incident so as to determine if it is possible to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

Form for internal notification of threats or incidents of violence

How to handle threats

Individuals in management positions, on the University Governing Board, managers of certain areas, and others in leading functions, constitute a particular risk group. 

Checklist for concrete threats to management personnel

When a threat arrives via telephone, it’s a good idea to write down what you remember from the conversation as soon as possible. Enlist the help of the checklist in the event of receiving a threat over the phone