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The vendor providing security services to Malmö University is Securitas. They have assumed the responsibility to take measures to prevent, to inspect, to detect and to correct any security problems and damages within the university. They do this by, among other things, making inspection rounds of our buildings and premises.

If you are present in the university’s premises outside of the regular university hours of operation, you must always carry your multi-card so that you can show it if a security guard asks for ID. If your multi-card does not have your picture on it, you will also need to have an additional photo ID with you.

Ring Securitas when in need of assistance if something happens

Securitas personnel are on duty around the clock 24/7, and have resources to assist during and after incidents that require external intervention. If something happens, you can always contact them on telephone number 040-665 80 80. They can also pass an alarm on to the university’s crisis management team when necessary.