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Security at events

When activities are to take place in the University’s premises that are ancillary to the regular educational activities, special security procedures will be applicable.

This is what you will need to do when you are responsible for an event

After receiving confirmation of the booking, you will need to go through the checklist for security procedures together with the building manager in the building where the event is to be held.

The building manager then sends the filled out and completed checklist to the security vendor, in order to inform them about the event and to be able to assist if required. For events taking place in the evening, contact the security vendor, who has the responsibility for the coordination measures for the event.

A designated event manager must be on hand throughout the event. For larger events, i.e. for more than about 50 people, a building caretaker or security guard must be present. This is something you order when booking the room.

The individual responsible for the event ensures that the rules for the maximum number of people in our premises are complied with. At major events, the participants must be informed about safety, such as emergency evacuation routes in case of fire.