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When the unexpected happens

To reach the emergency services call 112. Do this if police, fire or ambulance services are required.

In case of other incidents in the university area, contact our security staff on the number: 040-665 80 80. They are responsible for alerting the university’s crisis management team if deemed necessary.

To report a crime to the police in cases that are not urgent, call 114 14.

After that, inform your manager about what has happened and what action you have taken so far.

Always fill out an incident report, this will help the university improve on how it deals with such occurrences.

The university’s Crisis and Emergency Preparedness Plan

It is important that the university has emergency plans prepared and a functioning organisation in order to be able to deal with major, unexpected events in an appropriate manner.

The Crisis and Emergency Preparedness Plan is designed to support the staff units that become involved in such events. This should be used as a memory checklist so that important points are not forgotten.

Malmö University’s Crisis and Emergency Preparedness Plan

The crisis management team and other key employees have access to files, such as checklists and contact details in Box.

Security Policy, and Action Plan

The University’s Security Policy and accompanying Action Plan describe how security and safety work is to be conducted.