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Staff mobility

Get a different perspective with the Erasmus+ exchange programme. There are a number of financial support opportunities to help fund an exchange with other universities, both for teaching staff and staff training.

Apply for a grant through Erasmus+

As a teacher or doctoral postgraduate, you can apply for a grant to teach at a partner university in Europe that participates in the Erasmus+ programme. This could be for a period ranging between two days and two months. There are also opportunities for non-academic staff to apply for a grant to develop their professional skills, for example through a study visit or shadowing at another institution.

More information about teaching staff mobility (Erasmus+)

More information about staff training (Erasmus+)

Apply for a grant to cover travel expenses and establish contact with other universities

Staff can apply for a grant covering travel expenses to travel to other universities in order to build new relationships or increase existing cooperation. The grant should be used primarily for trips that are expected to result in a cooperation agreement and increased staff and student exchange.

More information about grants to cover travel expenses

International exchange weeks for administrative staff

Many of our partner universities arrange Staff Training Weeks, weeks with a variety of themes and orientations where partners are invited to network and exchange knowledge. It is possible to finance these weeks with a grant for travel expenses from Erasmus+.

More information on current Staff Training Weeks

Shadowing abroad for administrative staff

INU Staff Shadowing Programme provides administrative staff with an opportunity for one or two weeks to “shadow” a person in the same profession at another member university. It is possible to finance such trips with a grant for travel expenses from Erasmus+.

More information is available at INU

More staff exchange opportunities

Staff exchange opportunities are occasionally offered through the networks SGroup and SANORD.

There are also other opportunities for financing at faculty level, for example via Linnaeus-Palme and Nordplus. The international coordinator at your faculty or department can give you more information.