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International collaboration

To maintain a high standard of teaching and research, Malmö University makes use of international interaction and promotes the mobility of students, teachers and researchers. International co-operation should not be subject to any political borders - it will focus only on aspects of scientific and academic work.

The university co-operates with both universities in developed and developing countries. It strives to ensure favourable conditions for teachers and researchers to obtain, as well as foster, international co-operation with universities worldwide. The students will be offered good possibilities to spend part of their studies at a foreign university. To ensure also the non-mobile students an international education, Malmö University will provide the courses and study programmes with contents that will reflect the many different aspects of international relations as well as provide a European and global dimension.

The goals for the international work at Malmö University are manifested in the International Plan of Actions.

Malmö University is a member of the SOCRATES-programme. Bilateral agreements have been signed with approximately 150 different universities, mainly in the fields of student and teacher mobility, and Inter-University co-operation programmes. Malmö University also takes part in TEMPUS projects and is planning further collaboration with east and central European partners. Through the NORDPLUS-programme, the university collaborates with many Nordic universities, mainly concerning student and teacher mobility.

In addition to the EU programmes, Malmö University has, and is still developing, further collaborative activities with universities in North America, Australia, Asia and Africa.