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Doctoral Support

Doctoral Support at Malmö University

Doctoral students are welcome to contact the Doctoral Support with inquiries and concerns about their research which cannot be solved locally at the department. Doctoral students should be able to focus on their own development as researchers. This branch of support will provide guidance around interfering issues.

The supervisor is naturally the doctoral student’s primary resource. In addition, there is the Director for PhD studies at the faculty, who has responsibility to assist and support doctoral students. Nevertheless, it is not always straightforward for a doctoral student to ask for help at the faculty. The Doctoral Support is an additional option. It is important for the university and for maintaining high-quality education that doctoral students can claim their rights, both as students and as employees.

The university’s operational support already provides other types of support for doctoral students:

  • The HR-department can help with issues related to employment
  • the Employee Health Care is available to assist with work-related health
  • your union representatives are also available to help with issues regarding employment, salaries, safety, and more


The library has a selection of lectures open for doctoral students