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Management of research documents

Why this manual?

All universities and colleges have a major responsibility and duty to maintain a high level of public confidence in the research conducted at our universities. Consequently, being able to disclose relevant details of the research process is a quality issue that not only concerns the academy. High and justified demands are being made within the scientific community that researchers should be able to demonstrate the underlying basis for the results of their research. Such a robust peer review would maintain public confidence in research. Consequently, the Higher Education Act includes the following paragraph (Chapter 1, Section 3a): In the course of their operations, higher education institutions shall uphold academic credibility and good research practice. Thus, the higher education sector has, for good reasons, a legal responsibility to protect the credibility of science in today’s society.

Maintaining a high quality and following good research practice in all parts of the research process is therefore an important part of the researchers’ work at Malmö University. Such a commitment can sometimes feel rather burdensome. For example, the research process itself can be quite complex in addition to which, a number of different documents are created such as application for external funding, approved ethical examination, varying research data and scientific publications. All relevant research documentation must nonetheless be managed in a manner that ensures a high level of quality. As the research is conducted at a state institution, Malmö University must also observe certain other obligations.

This manual is designed to support you, as a researcher at Malmö University, in the quality assurance of the varying stages of your research and to help you meet the requirements of Malmö University as a state institution. Here, you will find information about how to best manage your research documentation and what administrative procedures currently apply at Malmö University. You will also find information about where to turn and who to contact should you need help and support.