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Editing of Research Texts in English

The Language Editing Group (LEG) provides academic editing of Mah’s research texts for submission to international journals or texts otherwise published internationally.

The language editors are highly educated in academic writing. Further, they have comprehensive experience of editing in many subject areas. In addition to providing standard editing – grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice – LEG also edits for text organisation and elements of style, such as clarity, conciseness, emphasis and sentence variety. Finally, researchers receive corrective comments and suggestions that are linked to URLs where tutorials explicate a particular comment.

All researchers at Malmö University – including PhD students – can use the Language Editing Group to review their academic and scientific texts for international publication. The editing service is free of charge internally.

Management of Texts for Editing

Researchers are required to submit a final draft of their text for review. Thereafter, a preliminary review of the text is conducted. Should a text be adjudged to contain many basic language errors, the author is then referred to The Writing Centre, where a deadline for text revision and improvement is set.