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Brexit and our research collaboration

The United Kingdom is an important partner in research and innovation for Malmö University. What happens to EU projects where we have partners in the UK?

The period before UK has to leave the EU has been extended until 31 October this year. There is a risk of a "hard" contract-less Brexit. If a call requires a certain minimum number of EU countries (often three), the Research Support Office suggests that the UK should not be included in that number. Nor should the coordinator be in the UK. Contact Johan Alling if you have questions about specific projects or applications.

BREXIT and Continued UK Participation in EU Programmes for Research, Innovation and Higher Education, information provided by the UK Research Office (UKRO)

The UK Government guarantees funding for H2020 projects

What does Brexit mean for Malmö University? – short information and links

The Research Support Office helps individual researchers and research teams with advice and guidance in matters of external research funding.





Peter Jönsson, forskningskoordinator

Research blog

Read the research blog written by research coordinator Peter Jönsson. Join the discussion about what´s happen in the field of research and postgraduate education at the university.

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