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The conference service

We help staff members to arrange both large and small conferences. In cooperation with you, we work to create an attractive event that is rewarding and gives participants a memorable experience!

You are the host and organiser, we provide support and ensure that everything flows smoothly and is time-efficient for you!

A well-planned meeting promotes the brand of the university!

This is what we do:

When booking a conference at Malmö University, you engage the Conference Service and gain access to specialised expertise in order to achieve the best possible implementation and coordination of your event. Our objectives are professionalism, cost-efficiency and brand projection. 

An overview of what we can contribute:


  • Planning – we have the experience and know-how. We help you to identify expectations, targets and target groups, and assist during planning and implementation. You receive information and help to structure the logistics of the event (registration, booking of premises, furnishing, signage and facility cleaning), technology, safety issues, information aspects, the need for security guards, access to the premises and possible need for additional services. Instead of having to contact all those concerned, you contact us and we take care of it for you.
  • On-site – We are on the spot during the event with technicians and a co-ordinator, we receive the guests/participants, start up the technology, handle any questions on registration, contribute with directions and information, timetable, taxis and  transport etc.
  • Afterwards – We ensure that the premises are returned to normal, that facility cleaning is carried out if required, deliver material etc.


We also have an extensive contact network and knowledge on our agreements with external suppliers. We have knowledge on costs and we cooperate with other organisers and facilities. We can help you with your booking and/or give advice concerning:

  • Restaurants/catering suppliers
  • Hotels
  • Specialist technology (film, audio and lighting)
  • Conference/congress agencies (registration, hotel etc.)
  • Florists, flower suppliers
  • Photographers 
  • Tourist office
  • Musicians