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Guest apartments at Malmö University

In the centre of Västra hamnen, at Bomgatan 11, Malmö University offers modern and fully furnished accommodations for guest staff. The contracts are short term with a minimum of a two week lease. The apartments are situated just a few minutes from the beachfront, close to the central station and the university campus. On the nearby square Masttorget you will find restaurants, a supermarket and pharmacy.

gästlägenhet 1501

There are twelve apartments for rent at Bomgatan 11, all located on the sixth floor. Laundry room, extra storage space and a community balcony are also available on the same floor.

The tenant shall pay the monthly rent in advance to Malmö University by the last working day before the start of the new month. The rent can be paid by Bankgiro. If you want to pay with Iban-Swift/BIC or in cash, please contact the University Booking Service for further information. Keys to the apartment are handed out by the reception desk at Niagara (Nordensköldsgatan 1). Each apartment has internet through fiber cable. 

Follow the link for more information about the apartments.

Detailed information 

Follow the link to the apartments for more information. The rents posted below can change and will be updated regularly. 

Apartment 1501 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month) 
Apartment 1502 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1503 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1504 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1505 (50 m2, 11300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1506 (48 m2, 10800 SEK/month)
Apartment 1507 (40 m2, 9100 SEK/month) 
Apartment 1508 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1509 (30 m2, 7300 SEK/month) 
Apartment 1510 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1511 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)
Apartment 1512 (31 m2, 7300 SEK/month)