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Booking teaching premises

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Booking for single occasions
Timetabling per semester
Booking of non-teaching events
Find your timetable in the Kronox app

Booking for single occasions

Contact the central booking service lokalbokning@mau.se, in order to book premises for teaching. You will find your bookings in Kronox, which generates a timetable for you and the students respectively based on the bookings.

The booking service will need the following information from you:

  • Date and time. Premises can be booked for any number of hours, always starting fifteen minutes past the hour and ending on the hour
  • Your name/where you work/computer id
  • In which building you would like to book the room
  • The number of people the room needs to hold
  • What the room will be used for (include technical equipment required)
  • Complete course code or the account to which the booking will be charged

Timetabling per semester

Current timetabling period (spring semester 2020)

  • Last day to submit the timetabling information for the spring semester of 2020 is October 25, 2019.
  • Between October 28 and November 29, the timetabling is done by the booking service.
  • Between December 2 and December 13 there is a review period, during which teaching staff check and correct their timetables in Kronox.
  • The timetable will be made available to the students during the week starting December 16.

How to submit your timetable planning

Timetabling form in Excel

As usual, you may use a timetable planning form in Excel with dates inserted and public holidays marked for each semester. Send it by email to lokalbokning@mau.se

Timetabling planning form for the spring semester, 2020 (in Swedish)

The booking service will need the following information from you:

  • Write the complete course code (for example FO203A-20151-L6928) as the subject line.
  • Number of students
  • In which building you would like to book (as well as your second choice)
  • If you would like the booking service to find an alternative time or day in case there is no room available the time you want, or if you prefer to find another time yourself

Please note that you no longer book premises for exams using this form. More information on how to schedule exams is found here

Your own timetabling needs

If you do not need to make a detailed timetabling request, you may submit your requirements and have the booking service make the bookings for you. Follow the rest of the instructions for the Excel timetabling form.

Example request: “Ten two-hour lectures within five weeks, starting on April 1, and two two-hour laboratory sessions after each lecture. Not on Tuesdays or Friday afternoons.”

Copy the timetable from another semester

If you would like to copy the timetable from another semester, send an email request to lokalbokning@mau.se with the course code. You will get a timetable in Kronox where you can change the signatures and course component information.

Booking of non-teaching events

The booking service does not book meeting rooms or premises for events unless related to teaching. Contact the conference service to book conferences and events.

Information about how to book a meeting in Outlook

Information about timetabling of exams

How bookings are prioritised

University premises can be booked according to the following prioritisation: 

  1. The university’s own teaching and research activities
  2. Conferences arranged by the university
  3. The university’s student union and staff organisations for student union/trade union activities. 

Find your timetable in the Kronox app

There is a free app for timetables that works both on iPhone and Android phones, available both in Swedish and English. You can search for timetables and save your own, via course, programme, premises, signature or teaching aids. Find it on App Store or Google Play.