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Box cloud storage

Box is Malmö Universitys cloud storage where you can store files and share with your colleagues. 

Log on here: mah.box.com

Getting started

Log on and register your account. 

  1. Browse to mah.box.com
  2. Click on continue
  3. Choose "University Malmö" in the list of suppliers
  4. Choose "Login and use Forever"
  5. Klick on "Yes I am sure - User Forever"
  6. Enter your Malmö University computer ID and password. 

We recommend installing the following 3 add-ons

  • Box sync
  • Box Edit
  • Box for Office (for PC). 

You can read more about these and how to install on the box website (Guides - Getting started)


Using box on your mobile

Why box?

Box is a cloud service procured by SUNET, our internet service provider, which means that our safety requirements as an authority are met. In the box you can store and share files with both your colleagues and users outside MAH. You can access your files saved in box from any computer, phone or tablet anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also synchronize selected files, allowing you to work offline on your files. All traffic to and from the service is encrypted, and the files are stored encrypted by the supplier.

Read more about box on their website: box.com


How much storage space do I get?

30GB per user. If you fill upp your box account, please contact servicedesk for help on adding space. 

How safe is it?

The service is procured by SUNET and meet the requirements and rules that we as a government  have to live up to. Our lawyers call on users to be careful with the information that is handled in this service, especially if it is personal data or other sensitive information.

Can I store classified information on box?

It is not allowed to store confidential documents on Box. It is up to each employee to find out what applies in each case (eg about the legal agreements that apply).
If you use the service on your mobile phone or tablet, you should activate the passcode, so the device becomes locked when not in use. Information stored on the box are otherwise unprotected and available to anyone who accesses the device.