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File storage

As an employee at Malmö University there are two options on where you can save your files, on MAHs server (M:\ and N:\) or MAH cloud service (box).


Saving at MAHs server

When you log on to a MAH PC (on campus) you automatically connect to your home directory and share, and it works just like a folder located on the computer itself. This is where you should save your work. It is only you who can see what your folder contains, and we continuously run backup of all your files saved here.

On a PC

On a PC you will find share and your home folder in Windows Explorer. Share is denoted by N:\ and your home folder with M:\ .Your home folder also has a name that corresponds to your computer ID.


Earlier versions

On a PC , you can restore previous versions of files and folders by right clicking on a folder in the directory and select "Restore previous versions".

Reach your files from home

If you need to reach your home directory or the public folders on Share when you are located outside the campus you can browse to https://access.mah.se and log on with you computer id and password. Here you will find a simple web interface where you will find all of your files that are stored on the Malmö University servers.


How does it work?

Go to https://access.mah.se. Log in with your Malmö University computer identity and password. 

this will give you access to you home directory M: and share N:, the common space on our servers.

Download files

  1. Find the file you want to download
  2. Right click on the file and select download
  3. Select where you want to save it

Upload files

  1. Pull the file from you compute to the webbrowser. 
  2. Dropp it in the folder you want to save it in.

From you phone or pad

You can download the apps here:



Title: webaccess.mah.se
URL: https://access.mah.se
Username: Your Malmö University computer identity
Password: Your password
Secure connection: Yes

On a Mac

On a Mac you use a small program called "mahfil". First time you run the program you will provide your computerID and password. The program then connects to Share and your home folder, and you will find the shortcuts on the desktop. You can also connect with "mahfil" outside the university's network.