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Telephone Service

Welcome to out website about telephone service. Here we have gathered information about your cellphone plan, links to guides, and other information we think you may find useful.

Information about new cellphone plans and prices can only be found in swedish, read here.


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Got a new phone?

Do not miss our step by step guide on how to get started quickly with your new iPhone or Samsung mobile.. 

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tele2applogoManage your phone settings

Using the Tele2 app, you can easily close and refer your phone. There are also many other features and settings.

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Call with your computer

The computer software Tele2 Vxl - SoftPhone allows you to make and receive calls through your computer. In addition to basic features like making and receiving calls, you can also enter different activities to show your presence status.

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Personal phone calls

You may use your work phone for personal phone calls, data and text messages that are included in the flat rate. Personal calls and data roaming outside of the EU, SMS tickets, parking etc is not included, and you will be charged for it. You report additional costs using a form, which you submit through the SSC service portal, and the cost along with a 100 SEK administrative fee will be deducted from your salary.