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Purchasing of IT products

In order to offer effective support we have selected a number of products, focus products, for which we offer full support. These products are tested in our IT environment, have good warranty conditions and last a long time.  

To order 

You can look through our focus products and see what suits your needs. If you have any questions or need advice, contact us through email

To place an order, we need the following information:  

  • Purchaser
  • Account allocation chain (cost centre/activity/object/field of operation)
  • End user
  • Location, if relevant 
  • Software required in addition to basic installation (name and version) and if a licence for this exists  
  • Is the old equipment to be scrapped?
  • The order is then submitted by email. 

 Contact personnel for IT acquisitions are Peter Nilsson and Katrin Cederholm