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It's Learning

It's Learning enables course participants and teaching staff to communicate with each other and exchange documents.

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Go to: https://mah.itslearning.com/elogin

Log in using your Malmö University computer identity and your password. To gain access to your course, contact your course secretary. 

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Message policy

The message function in It's Learning can be used to distribute messages to all users of the system. It is prohibited to use this function for this purpose, as recipients often perceive this as spam. However, it is permitted to send within a course or project. If there is a need for a larger mail out, you are requested to contact the information unit or IT unit.

If you consider that a email you have received breaks the rules, send a complaint to ITS.ABUSE@MAH.se. Ensure that you enclose the complete letterhead from the email.  

Standard course page for It's Learning

Each course website should contain the same basic information. The points below are a suggestion for such shared information.

  • Contact information
    State here the name of the course director, the lecturers who are going to hold the course and the course administrator. Contact information for these is available under Deltagare (participants).    
  • Course syllabus
    Look up the course in course info, for example by visiting http://www.mah.se and writing the Ladok code in the search field. Go to the course syllabus. Copy the link into the web browser’s address bar and paste the link in the appropriate place in It's Learning.
  • Study guide
    The study guide can be linked to or presented as a separate document, in Word format for example.
  • Timetable
    The course timetable can be linked in from Kronox http://schema.mah.se/. Search for the timetable for the course. When you have found it, copy the web address into the web browser’s address bar. Paste the address in a suitable place in the course site in It's Learning. Changes in the timetable after that will be shown. A timetable does not need to be complete when the address is copied. 


Message or email

It can sometimes happen that you do not receive a reply when you have sent a message in It's Learning to a person or group. In general, this is not a technical fault. It is usually a misunderstanding, which we shall try to clear up here. The thing to remember is that the message function and email are separate systems.

The message function in It's Learning is an internal message system for members of the system. It is NOT an email system. However, when a message is sent in It's learning, the message also goes as an email to the email address registered for the recipient. If the recipient replies directly to the email message, the reply goes only to the original sender’s email address. It cannot go back to It's Learning. If the original sender just checks It's Learning he/she misses the email reply. It has been shown that there is a large risk of this, as students can now register new email addresses in Ladok.

How is the problem best avoided? If you receive an email sent from It's Learning (shown in the heading), develop a habit of answering the message in It's learning and not via email. In other words: reply to a message in the same system it was sent from.