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Guest accounts

img_alumnAs an employee at Malmö University you can create a guest account for your guests. A guest account can be active up to 6 months. With the guest account your guest will have access to our wireless network (Eduroam), ability to log on to desktop computers (eg, in the library and computer labs) and the ability to print (your cost centre will be debited)

Create the account at IDService

  1. Log on to IDService
  2. Click on "External user accounts" in the meny to your left
  3. Click on "Create new"
  4. Choose "Guest Acount" and click next
  5. Enter the information about your guest and choose  the duration of the account. 
  6. Click "Create"

After creating the account an e-mail will be sent to the user with a link that allows the user to set a password. If you want to give the user a specific password, search for the user in IDService and click on the key icon to set the password.

To log on to the Wi-Fi (Eduroam) your guest uses their computer account, username@mah.se (e.g. ab1234@mah.se) and their password 

If a Multicard is needed (for printing or access) please contact Facility Service.

Only need Wi-Fi?

If your guests only need to access the Internet, our wireless network "MAHGUEST" can be used for that purpose. (No guest account needs to be created.) Your guest can log on with Facebook, Twitter, Google or via SMS activation. The connection requires renewed activation every 12 hours.

How to:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi named MAUGUEST
  2. Enter the security key: malmouniversity
  3. Open a web browser
  4. Read and accept the user agreement.
  5. Choose your preferred login by clicking on the Facebook-, Google- or Twitter- icon. For SMS log on choose "SELF SERVICE" in the menu to your left.