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Malmö University uses Yammer as an official communication tool.

Log on here: yammer.com/mah.se

Getting started

First time? Log on and set up your account. There are two ways to log on Yammer. 

  1. Browse to yammer.com/mah.se and log on with your MAH computer ID and password. 

  2. Or

  3. Browse to your MAH webmail and click on Yammer in the meny at your top left (app launcher).

What is Yammer?

Yammer is an ESN (Enterprise Social Network).Yammer is similar to the social networks that many use private eg Facebook or Google+. However, there is a big difference, only employees in an organization can use it. (With the ability to invite guests)

What is Yammer good at?

Yammer is a tool for...


  • Sharing knowledge
  • Working interdisciplinary
  • Collaborate in group 

Haven't we tried Yammer before?

True! However, the difference now is that Yammer is an official communication tool at Malmö University. The IT department are active managers and if you have questions or concerns, you can always call the Service Desk. Yammer is nowadays also integrated with Malmö University Directory Service (AD), ie you use the same credentials that you have to log on to the computer, email, etc.

When should I use Yammer?

Many asked why we should have another communication tool? The answer is that different tools are good at different things, and we in the IT department want you to have access to the best tool for every task. 

Yammer vs Email

I have questions about Yammer, where can I find the answer?
Check out the FAQ and see if you get answers. Additionally, you can also call the Service Desk or write your question in this Yammer group.


Why do I get so much mail from Yammer?

Yammer is generous with alerts that are sent in the form of e-mail. If you want less of these, log on to Yammer and click Settings, then select Notifications. The IT department recommends the following settings:

Is there and app?

Yes there are apps for all major mobile platforms as well as a desktop notifier for windows.