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Vacation time

out of office

Here are some tips before you go on your vacation

Away message

Write a clear absence message, and if you are away for a longer period of time set so that those who send to you will only receive replies once from the Out of Office agent.

Out of office reply (PC)

Out of office reply (MAC)

Share your Inbox

Ask a colleague to keep an eye on your inbox. You can give different permissions and, for example, choose whether to read your mail, or to reply to letters.

Share your inbox

Manage someone else's inbox

Create rules

Create a rule so that all copy mail gets directly in a subfolder, so you only have the mail that is directed directly to you in your inbox.

Create rules

Close your phone number

It's always good to close your fixed number when on vacation. This way, the caller gets information that you are on vacation and when you are back. In addition, the exchange also receives the information. 

Close your phone number