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Malmö University uses Office 365 as electronic mail platform.

Log in here: webmail.mah.se

Getting started

There are two types of email account – personal and role-based accounts. The personal account is created when you become an employee and receive your computer identity. Role-based accounts are ordered via the service desk.

Personal email addresses usually follow the standard format: firstname.surname@mah.se

There are two ways to access your email

  1. Via the webmail webmail.mah.se
    Log in with your email address and your password (the same as for your computer ID)

  2. Via Outlook client on your computer. Outlook is installed on your work computer. The first time you start the program, you must enter your email address and your password (the same as for your computer ID)

By logging in for e-mail, you accept our email policy!


Basic tasks in Outlook

E-mail in your phone

Sharing e-mail accounts

Forwarding e-mails

Automatic replies (out of office assistant)

Personalized signature

Automatic replies (out of office assistant)

- No classified material may be sent via email.
- All incoming email to the authority must be read daily. 
- Deactivation of an email account takes place 30 days after the date employment ceased.

Read the policy here.(docx) (in swedish)

Rules for using distributions list can be read here.(pdf) (in swedish)

Using another e-mail program

You do not need to use Outlook or Outlook Web App to access your email. All clients that support IMAP, POP and SMTP can be used.  However we do not recommend using POP. (If you use POP, you download all mail to your inbox on the computer, locally. Consequently, there is no back-up of your mail if something happens to your computer! It is also unsuitable to use POP, as Malmö University is an authority, and therefore your email is to be accessible for the authority.) Here is more information on how you configure your client


How big can attachments be? 

The maximum limit for attachments in email messages is 25 MB. If you need to send files that are larger than 25 MB, we recommend using box.com and sharing the file instead.

How big is my mailbox?

Your mailbox can store 50 GB. If you need more than this, you are welcome to contact IT support, who can provide a solution.

What about archiving?

Emails of small or temporary importance are to be discarded once they have no further relevance. Discarding is managed by the email recipient. Other emails are to be treated as paper documents according to the decision on weeding: Reg. no Mahr 13-2008/677.