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Your email also includes a personal calendar. In the calendar, you can create and follow up appointments and meetings. You can access the calendar by clicking on "Calendar" or on the calendar symbol ( Calendar_logo ) at the bottom left in Outlook, or by browsing into the webmail and select the calendar from the menu at top left


The figure above shows the users own calendar on the left and a common calendar to the right.

Here you will find several short videos about how the different functions work in Outlook calendar. The videos are for the PC, but the features are usually the same for mac

Why should I use the Outlook calendar?

One of the advantages is that your colleagues can easily see if you are busy or not.

Today, you can't import your Kronox calendar to your Outlook calendar(making your bookings from Kronox visible for your colleagues). However, you can subscribe to your Kronox calender, making sure you see all your bookings in one place.

How to subscribe to your Kronox calendar (in swedish):Adding your Kronox calendern

Accessing your calendern in your phone.

You can easily add your calendar on your phone, making sure you always have it with you. You can either add it to the phone's own calendar app, or install the Outlook app.