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Audiovisual Equipment in classrooms: adapters

All classrooms and meeting rooms equipped with a projector or monitor are connected with an HDMI cable. If your laptop has an HDMI port, the cable can be connected directly, otherwise you will need an adapter that fits your computer.

All staff will get a personal adapter that can be collected from Technology Equipment Loans (teknikutlåningen) in Orkanen E121. The adapter is for personal use and you must personally sign for the package when receiving it. 

Adapters often disappear from classrooms. This way, you will have your own adapter with you every time you connect to a projector. Remember to bring the adapter when you leave a lecture room and mark it with your name. If you find a lost adapter, please turn it in at the nearest reception desk so that it can be delivered to its owner.

Questions & answers

What will happen to the adapter rings?

Unfortunately, the adapter rings installed across the University’s premises are often tampered with, or disappear. The ones that break in future will therefore not be replaced, which means that there will be adapter rings in some lecture halls for a period of time.

What do I do if I have forgotten my adapter?

There are adapters available for loan in each building.

  • Orkanen: contact Technology Equipment Loans (teknikutlåningen) in Orkanen E121
  • Niagara: contact the reception
  • Gäddan: contact the janitor
  • HS: contact the IT technician in the building
  • OD: contact the IT technician in the building

Can I order more adapters?

You will receive one adapter from IT Support for Staff. If you need to order more than one adapter, you can do so by emailing inkop@mau.se. When completing the order, you will need to state your cost centre and computer model.

How do I know what computer model I have?


Click the Windows key on the keyboard and then the Pause/Break key in the upper right-hand corner while holding down the Windows key; a box will appear with information about your computer model.


Click the Apple key in the top left-hand corner of your keyboard and choose ‘About this computer’. A window will appear in which you will see the name of your computer model.

The computer screen at my workstation has a different cable

There may be other cables connected to your computer screen. You are entitled to several adapters that fit different cables (see below).

How do students get connected?

We will inform the students that the University is exclusively equipped with HDMI cables and that students will have to get an adapter that fits their computer model.

I will be giving a lecture outside of the University, what kind of adapter do I need? 

HDMI is a standard audiovisual connector, but many companies still only have VGA connectors or DisplayPorts, in which case you will need to bring an additional adapter.

Outlets, ports and cables

From a monitor or projector there are one or more cables to connect to your PC/Mac. These connections are most common.

Connections for PC

Connections for Mac

Connections for iPhone/iPad

Connections for PC






display port



Extra adapters for PC

If you have a HP computer with a connection called HP Dock Connector you might need an extra adapter. It comes with the computer, but if you do not have one there are adapters available for loan in each building.

hp dock connector - vga

Connections for Mac


mac usb-c


Mac thunderbolt



Mac minidisplayport


mac hdmi 


Extra adapters

Sometimes you will need an extra adapter, new Mac computers for example only have one USB-C-port.


usb-C to HDMI

Thunderbolt till HDMI

thunderbolt to displayport

Connections for iPad/iPhone




To connect an iPad or iPhone you need an adapter from lightning to HDMI.


Apple Lightning HDMI adapter