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Introductory meetings for courses/programmes

Roll calls are an important part of introductory meetings, even if students are already registered online. The roll call gives them confirmation that they have been admitted and that they are in the right room or meeting place. For students who are new to the University and perhaps also the city, there could be a number of practical things outside the programme/course that need to be arranged, which is why it is important to let students know what to expect during the first few weeks of their course or programme. Remember never to promise a place to students who are not on the admissions list and never allow students who have not been admitted to take part in the education. Students can, in some cases, be admitted through reserve lists; please refer them to the Admissions Office at the Student Centre for more information.

Students need to understand the schedule and be able to navigate university premises

  • Where and how can students find their schedule, what are the instructions for interpreting it and how are schedule changes communicated?
  • Which buildings will students be taught in? 
  • How do students find their way around the different teaching rooms and lecture halls in the building? How do the room numbers work? You can find a presentation of the University's premises here.
  • What kind of security measures and routines does the University have in place on its premises? Let students know that the University has a security app they can save to their smartphone. 

It is important that students know how communication with teachers and administrative staff works

  • Inform students of who they should turn to if they have questions and the easiest way to get in touch with them.
  • Do a run-through of what Canvas actually is and how this learning platform is used for their particular course/programme.
  • Give them information about any other platforms that might be used in addition to Canvas. You can find out more about Canvas here.

Give students an overview of the programme/course

  • With the help of the syllabus, clearly communicate the learning outcomes and aims of the programme/course.
  • Introduce the course literature and notify the students of what books they should start reading.
  • Inform students if they can buy or borrow the reading material.
  • Early on, provide information about the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to progress to the next stage of the programme.
  • Introduce students to the different work methods and examination forms that they will encounter during the course/programme, such as group work, seminars, lectures and home exams.