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Student Introduction Guide for Teachers

Männiksor i rörelse på Niagara

What defines higher education? What distinguishes it from other forms of education? As teachers, we want to convey the answers to these questions when meeting new students, but how? 

There are a number of ways to do this, but the key is to find an approach that makes it easy for our students to recognise what is required and expected of them. The goal is to get students to understand how academia works. This will allow them to become more independent and for us act as academic and professional role models. This approach has many advantages for both teachers and our students; it allows the interaction between us to become an exchange, one where the content of our programmes and academic field comes into focus, and where we work together to explore knowledge and learning. 

As teachers, our initial task is to introduce students to the world of higher education. Think of it as a balancing act where we have to communicate course content, as well as study methods, how to navigate digital support systems, and rules regarding exams. We want students to quickly get to grips with it all so that they can independently utilise the resources available to them. At the same time, students need to understand how to effectively read, write and speak in academic spaces. No matter how you choose to go about teaching, ultimately you will need to formulate and communicate your subject of expertise while also helping students develop more general academic skills. 

The guide below has been created to support you when introducing new students to higher education. It presents the needs and wishes expressed by students regarding their first semester at the University, supplemented with teachers' experience of what is needed The guide also contains compiled information material and links to useful examples.

Practical information for new students can be found under the tab New Student.This information can also be of use to Malmö University teaching staff.

The needs and wishes in question fall into three categories:

Introductory meetings for courses/programmes

The first weeks of a course/programme


Short version of the Student Introduction Guide for Teachers, suitable for printing