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Examination procedure

Examination procedures at Malmö högskola

Common exam procedure

Facility Services (FS), part of the Joint Administration and Services, is responsible for the overall organisation of exams.

Note the following:

  • All students must register no less than seven days prior to the exam date.
  • All exams take place at one of four possible times: 8:15 am or 2:15 pm, Saturdays 9:15 am.
    Evening exams starts 5:15 pm
  • Sit-in exams will almost always take place at Gäddan.
  • Both first sit and re-sit exams need to be submitted in the timetable documentation.

Here the university’s exam procedure is described – from timetabling to archiving. 

Information for students

The parts of the process that only apply to students can be found on the student web pages. Please read this information so that you are able to inform the students about registration, special support and exam rules in the best possible way.

Starting times for exams

Exams can only be scheduled to start at 8:15 am or 2:15. Eveningcourses starts 5:15 pm in order to optimise the use of the premises and to facilitate timetabling. On Saturdays exams are scheduled to start at 9:15 am.

Once per semester: Submit all timetabling documentation to the booking service

Department managers are to submit their timetabling documentation for the following semester to the university’s booking service. This is to be done in October for the spring semester and in April for the autumn semester. Note that both first sit and re-sit exams need to be submitted in the timetabling documentation.

Email tentamen@mah.se and include:

  • the requested date and start time (8:15 am or 2:15 pm, or 9.15 on Saturdays)
  • the (estimated) number of registered students, in order to optimise the use of the premises
  • the exam code – must be included so that the exam administration is able to schedule a new exam opportunity and that students are able to register for the exam. The exam code consists of four numbers. The code can be retrieved from the course administrator or equivalent.

Timetable changes and additions during an ongoing semester

If the teaching staff need to make changes or book exams during the ongoing semester, these changes must be requested at least 14 business days before the intended date of an exam.

Teaching staff are to notify the exam administration of any requests for changes with regard to exams or re-sits. Email tentamen@mah.se and include:

  • the course title
  • the exam code
  • the requested date and time
  • the estimated number of students.

Before the exam: Submit the exam paper for copying

All exam papers must be submitted for copying no less than three business days prior to the exam.

As an examiner, you will receive a reminder via email the day before the submission deadline, that is, four days before the exam. Submit the exam paper to tentamenskopiering@mah.se

Copy and delivery

  • The examiner is to submit the exam paper to tentamenskopiering@mah.se no less than three days before the exam.
  • If the exam paper is not submitted on time, the department becomes responsible for making copies and delivering the exam papers to the exam room, no later than 15:00 on the business day immediately preceding the exam.
  • If the exam paper is not delivered to the exam room on the last business day before the exam, the exam will be cancelled, in which case the department is responsible for notifying the students.

When submitting the exam paper for copying, you must also include in your email whether you wish to collect the students’ completed exams in:

  • the exam room at the end of the session
  • at the exam administration in Gäddan
  • from the locked cabinet in the reception at Niagara, the technical equipment lending services at Orkanen, at Repro on the ground floor at OD, or in room AS:U111 at the Faculty of Health and Society (SUS).

Student aids

Three days before the exam, the exam administration prepares the aids requested for students who have been granted special support, and who made such requests in accordance with the established procedure.

Safe delivery to the exam room

To minimise the risk of cheating, exam papers are to be delivered in a sealed parcel to a lockable cabinet next to the exam room. 

Collecting the completed exams

The examiner can collect the students’ completed exams at the location requested when submitting the exam paper for copying. The exams can be collected after 1 PM, the first business day after the exam date. At Niagara, Orkanen and Gäddan you will need to show your Multicard when collecting the exam envelope. 

Niagara: In the reception on the ground floor. Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Orkanen: At the technical support office on the ground floor. Opening hours Monday-Friday 08:00 am-4:00 pm. (Closed for lunch 11.30 am-12.30 pm).

Health and society: The exams can be collected in a locked file cabinet in room AS:U111, using your card and PIN. The examinators that pick up their exams here will receive an email with instructions. 

Gäddan: At the service technician office on level 1B. Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 08:00 am - 17:00 pm (Closed for lunch noon - 1:00 pm).

OD: At Repro on the ground floor. Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 08.00 am-12.00 pm and 1 pm-4.15 pm, Wednesday and Friday 08.00 am-12.00 pm.

Handing out marked exams

Until the university has implemented digital exams for all, the departments remain responsible for handing out marked exams to the students.


The exam administration will save a copy of each received exam in a digital mapping system. You request the archived material by e-mailing arkiv@mah.se.