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Purchasing and procurement


As a public authority, Malmö University must comply with the Swedish Public Procurement Act. This means that a procurement process must be carried out for purchases exceeding a certain amount.

The procurement office is responsible for procurement and purchasing processes at Malmö University.
- Conducting operational purchasing and procurement activities, and procurements related to framework agreements, purchasing agreements and delivery agreements.
- Providing service and support, and guidance on purchasing regarding orders from framework agreements, agreement matters and suppliers.
- Following up and reviewing agreement compliance data from purchasers and suppliers,customer satisfaction relating to delivery, products and fulfilment of agreements as well as invoice quality. We organise regular follow up meetings with principals and suppliers for the exchange of experience and statistics.
- Providing training at organisational level regarding regulations and practical application of purchasing.

Malmö University has agreements in most areas. Information on Malmö University’s current agreements is available in the e-commerce system Proceedo and can only be accessed by staff. All the agreements relevant to purchasing at the university are listed under the agreements tab (Avtal). It is highly important to follow the agreements, which is stated in Malmö University’s purchasing policy. If the product/service is not to be found under this tab, purchasing is to be based on public procurement agreements, see avropa.se. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact upphandling@mah.se.

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Ordering and invoice management via Proceedo
Malmö University uses the Proceedo e-commerce system for placing orders with certain suppliers. The products currently in the system are books and computers. Products that can be ordered via Proceedo should be ordered using this system.

For information on ordering in specific product areas, see right column.

When ordering, state Malmö University’s invoicing address and the reference code of the unit that is to review the order.

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