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Economy and finance

Head of Finance  

Ingrid Bengtsson-Rijavec is the University’s Head of Finance.

Finance Officers / Controllers, university administration and services

We offer help on university-wide matters regarding budgets, systems and accounting.
Bo Sundberg - accounting matters
Christian Bengtsson - financial systems and e-commerce
Tobias Edberg - budget and budget systems

Finance Officers / Controllers linked to faculties/equivalent

We offer help on budgets, calculations, annual accounts and follow-ups for faculties, departments, units, divisions and centres
Karin Axelsson – Library and university administration and services 
Kristina Persson – Controller, Health and Society and research centres Biofilms and CSS 
Nils-Olof Jönsson - Health and Society 
Irina Christensen - Health and Society
Contact Health and Society: HS-ekonomi

Git Svanström – Controller, Odontology
Mladenko Govorcin – Odontology
Tobias Edberg – Odontology/TVC 
Anna Åkesson – Controller, Education and Society 
Lei Shen – Education and Society 
Martin Hemberg – Education and Society and university administration and services/FS 
Mats Karlsson – Education and Society 
Anneli Westerlund – Controller, Culture and Society 
Agneta Lund – Culture and Society 
Katarina Månsson – Culture and Society and research centre IoTap 
Louise Tregert – Culture and Society and research centres CTA and MIM 
Torbjörn Olsson – Controller, Technology and Society

Finance support

We help you on matters relating to invoices in Proceedo, customer invoices, expenses and travel expense reports.
Maria Borr - university administration and services
Ann-Christine Mathiasson – university administration and services, Education and Society, and Odontology
Cecilia Olsson – university administration and services
Zuzan Bengtsson – Education and Society and university administration and services
Annelie Boij Mårtensson – Health and Society 
Roswitha Herslow – Library, Culture and Society and Technology and Society 
Marie Rosberg – Odontology


We help you on matters regarding purchasing and procurement. 
Suzanne Olsson
Violeta Gamalan
Erik Bårdskär
Håkan Ericsson