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Logotype and graphic profile

Exempel grafisk profil

The University’s graphic manual explains the components of our graphic profile and includes instructions on how to apply them. Refer to the manual if you want to read more about these individual components or see examples of their implementation. 

Malmö University's graphic manual (in Swedish only)

This page is an abbreviated description of some of the graphic manual’s key points. Contact graphic designer Fredrik Svensson with any further questions.

Malmö University's logotype

Our logotype should be present in all communications material of which Malmö University is the sender. There are different variations of the logotype that are suitable for different types of material.

Read more about how to choose the right logotype and how to place it correctly


In all printed media, Malmö University uses the font Futura for titles and Sabon for the body text. These are not available as standard fonts on laptops/computers. However, if you require them as part of your work tasks, for instance for making poster, you can order a licence from the IT Service Desk. Alternatively, you can also use the font Arial and Times New Roman as replacements. These are the fonts that should also be used for our templates in Word and PowerPoint.


The red colour in our logo is Malmö University’s profile colour. There are also two supplementary profile colours: purple and turquoise. You can choose which of these you would like to use as the dominant colour in your material. In addition to the profile colours, we also have a selection of background colours. These can be used for details in your material.


ramarDynamic frames

We use dynamic frames as a supporting graphic element. The frames can be shifted on each row, creating completely unique shapes. You can use any of the three profile colours for the dynamic frames, and the frames can also be used to make a title or detail stand out more.