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Contact us with your questions or requests and we will refer your query to the relevant work group or individual. For simple inquiries, please contact Communication Support directly. 

Ingrid Persson, Director of Communications

Research, press and public opinion

Do you have a research project that you want to reach out with? Do you need advice about handling press or media? 
Charlotte Löndahl Bechmann – Communications Officer, Coordinator

Internal Communication

Do you want something published in the Malmö University news letter? Do you need advice about internal communication? 
Per M Eriksson – Communications Officer, Coordinator

Student Recruitment

Do you need help with marketing an education program? Do you need to spread information to students? 
Maria Crona – Communications Officer, Coordinator


Do you have questions about the webpage? 
Michael Gustafsson – Communications Officer, Coordinator

Graphic design

Do you need advice concerning the use of the University's graphic profile? 
Fredrik Svensson

English-language communications

Do you need help and advice with any English-language communication? Adrian Grist 

Faculty of Health and Society

Faculty representative: Carolin Lind

Faculty of Education and Society

Faculty representative: Helena Smitt 

Faculty of Technology and Society

Faculty representative: Daniel Harju

Faculty of Culture and Society

K3: Amanda Malmquist
GPS and SPS: Daniel Harju
US: Johanna Svensson

Faculty of Odontology

Faculty representative: Johan Portland