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Travel abroad

When you have to travel abroad, there are certain things you must think about. When you book your travel, you must state your name exactly as it is written in your passport, as this is important when attempting to enter certain countries.

Visas and vaccinations

You can order your visa when you book your travel by email or telephone with XLNT’s personal service, but not via the self-service portal.

Be aware that certain travel destinations may demand that you review or renew your vaccinations.

Foreign currency

If you pay any expenses using foreign currency, remember to save your exchange receipts or cash withdrawal receipts showing that day’s exchange rate if you wish to be reimbursed at the same exchange rate. If the exchange receipt is missing, the travel reviewer will use the exchange rate that is applicable at the time of the review.

Safety and insurance

For business travel abroad, you are insured by Kammarkollegiet’s business travel insurance.

You must carry a travel card with you that certifies that you are insured, which you can obtain from your HR administrator. The travel card is important if anything should happen, but it can also be a necessary document when entering certain countries.

Information materials, gifts and giveaways

It is a good idea to bring information materials, gifts and giveaways to those who receive you. For gifts, please see, for example, Malmö University online shop

Take the opportunity to inform colleagues and students about Malmö University during the exchange.

Here is a presentation in English about Malmö University 

Blog about your trip

Take the opportunity to blog about your exchange in the blog “Personal på vift”! Send an e-mail to the International Office and tell them about your trip to get the login details.

Information abut partner universities and funding possibilities

There are different possibilities of getting funding for staff exchange trips.

Read about staff exchanges

If you want information abut other partner universities or cooperation organisations in the are you are visiting, please contact the International Office.