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Taxis and public transport

XLNT cannot book local travel other than connecting taxis to airports and trains. Here you’ll find information about how to travel by public transport and taxi.

Travel by bus or train

If you intend to travel by Skånetrafiken’s buses or trains, you should, in the first instance, use a Jojo card, if there is one available at your department or institution. 

If you are to travel with local transport outside of Skåne, or if there is no Jojo card available, you should pay for the travel yourself and have your costs reimbursed afterwards by means of the travel accounts in Primula or by using the reimbursement form.

How to book a taxi

When you are to travel by taxi, you should make the booking via MYCAB, with whom the University has a booking agreement. If your taxi journey is to connect you to a business-related journey by train or aeroplane, it can be booked through XLNT. You can book taxis throughout the whole of Sweden.

Employees of the University have been sent an email containing username and log-in details. If you cannot find your username/log-in, you should contact MYCAB and they will send you a new email. If you are newly-employed, you should contact your travel reviewer who will arrange for your profile to be set up with MYCAB.

You book a taxi through MYCAB in one of the following ways:

By telephone: 0771-555 666. The number is the same regardless of where you are in Sweden. To identify yourself, state your username.

On the internet: www.mycabtravel.se. To log in, click on “Logga in” and enter your log-in details.

  1. Select the appropriate tab for the type of journey
  2. Enter the time, address, etc.
  3. Select car and add to your shopping basket (“Lägg i varukorg”)
  4. To check-out, click on “Kassa”
  5. Enter traveller’s name and mobile phone number
  6. Select form of payment: Högskolan Malmö
  7. State the reference and your name as the person making the booking. 
  8. Accept the conditions and pay and confirm by clicking on “Betala och bekräfta”

If you need log-in details, or wish to amend the mobile telephone number/reference, you can contact MYCAB by email: support@mycabtravel.se