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Taxis and public transport

XLNT cannot book local travel other than connecting taxis to airports and trains. Here you’ll find information about how to travel by public transport and taxi.

Travel by bus or train

If you intend to travel by Skånetrafiken’s buses or trains, you should, in the first instance, use a Jojo card, if there is one available at your department or institution. 

If you are to travel with local transport outside of Skåne, or if there is no Jojo card available, you should pay for the travel yourself and have your costs reimbursed afterwards by means of the travel accounts in Primula or by using the reimbursement form.

How to book a taxi

Journeys in connection with train or air travel

You can book your connecting taxi journey from the travel agency XLNT when booking your train or flight. Taxi bookings are currently only available when booking by telephone. 

More information about how to book travel

Other journeys

Malmö University does not currently have a cbooking agreement for taxi journeys. Choose a local taxi company where you are, and pay for the journey by Eurocard or with your own money. Remember to save all receipts so that you can be reimbursed for your expenses.

Reimbursement form